Good morning everyone.
I hope you have all had a great bank holiday. Now its back to work 🙂
Just a quick update on the new events coming up. All dates have now been confirmed for another event at Crockstead farm and at the Hippodrome in Eastbourne in November.
I would just like to say a few words in regard to people attending these events and events like these,regardless whether they are my events or other mediums.
The work we do is very sensitive.
Most who attend these events are quite fragile and maybe grieving a recent lost loved one which we all have done in our time.
I and other mediums who work with audiences want these evenings to be as positive, fun and compassionate as we can make them by bringing through messages of love and validations.
I ask that when or if you attend these evenings to be respectful to others around you and to people who have made a huge effort to come along.
We all like a good night out and a glass of something to relax which is great but please be mindful of others around you.
I personally work very hard in my preparation for these evenings to try my best to deliver accurate information which takes a lot of focus and concentration, I would, as would other mediums who work in this way, appreciate your patience and respect for the mediums and attendees whilst we are working.
Fortunately I have had only one event in the many years Ive been working had a little disruption due to access alcohol and bathroom visits during the evenings events which spoilt a few peoples evening so please be mindful of others sensitivity. Remember Spirits dont mix! 🙂
Thank you so much for your understanding and ill look forward to seeing you again soon.

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