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Dear Martin

I would just like to thank you for my private reading. I have felt so much lighter since then and more able to cope with life knowing my husband is happy and I have a way forward. You mentioned several time a beautiful white rose which I couldn’t take. Two days later the florist next to my shop ordered in large perfumed white roses and thought they were so beautiful that she would bring me one. I looked up the meaning of a white rose and it is ‘love survives death as love is stronger than death. How perfect.

You spoke of having a second reading and I would very much like to do that, can Jackie please arrange one for me.

With love


Hi Martin

I just wanted to thank you again for my one to one reading today. I was a bit worried about coming as it was my first one to one but you made me feel really comfortable, so thank you for that.
I am going to speak to Mum and try and get some dates together to arrange for her to come too.
Thanks again

Subject: Private Reading

Dear Martin,

I wanted to say a heartfelt Thankyou for the most wonderful, comforting and reassuring Reading I could have hoped for. In the Reading my Dad came through. Martin didn’t know this but I had been longing to hear from him. I was absolutely amazed by the accuracy of the things he said, things only I could have known. It was like my lovely Dad was in the room with me again (I guess that’s because he was!), Martin even took on some of his mannerisms at times throughout the Reading. And he accurately described all other family members both in Spirit and on this side of life, he could never have known these things. He passed on advice from my Dad about things I had wanted to know (but once again Martin had no idea prior to my Reading what I wanted from it).

My Dad mentioned a watch which Martin accurately described along with its whereabouts in a drawer. Dad had got a little confused trying to describe the time that would show on the watch if I looked at it, Dad was very keen on watches and times being accurate on them in life. This was so true to his character! When I got home I found this watch in a drawer (as Martin had described!) and the time showing on it was almost spot on what Martin had told me it would be. I could validate practically everything that he told me, and the couple of things I had to think about I now know too. Peter was my Step-Mum’s first husband who had passed before she met my Dad. Also the celebration near to Christmas is my birthday in January. Martin had said that Dad had said he hadn’t forgotten, and that had been so comforting to me.

I always fully believed that Dad and our loved ones are still around us, but Martin has given me proof and validation, along with comfort and reassurance and the opportunity to hear from my wonderful Dad who I miss so much. I would fully recommend him to anyone wanting a Reading. He makes you at home and puts you at your ease and is so kind.

Thankyou Martin, you have made such a difference to me.
Of course Martin, I would be very happy for you to put my email on your testimonials page. I’m very proud of Dad for coming through so strongly, particularly as he didn’t really believe in Spiritual matters in the way I always have while he was in this life. But you have a truly wonderful ability to interpret and understand what you are given by Spirit and work hard to provide a service of comfort and reassurance to people who are left without question that their loved ones are very much with them. I really needed to hear the things I heard at my Reading, and when it hit me that Dad was referring to my birthday as the special occasion he hadn’t forgotten near to Christmas it was so wonderful. In the years leading up to his passing due to his deterioration of health, Dad had forgotten my birthday. I now feel he is back to how he always was, strong and vibrant, and that is an amazing comfort to me. Thankyou again Martin and I will certainly come to see you again. I’ve had Readings before, but nothing quite like this.

Merry Christmas, lots of love,

Hi Martin,

I just wanted to say, it was lovely to meet you today & thank you for such an in-depth, insightful & enlightening reading today, I came away feeling, positive & able to see the way ahead more clearer.

You were very understanding, supportive & provided some much needed guidance for the future. It was lovely to meet you today.

Many thanks
Message Body:
7th February 2017

My mum and i went to see martin on Friday the 3rd of Feb 2017, it was our first ever reading,
there is no words to explain what an amazing experience it was,
martin was 100% accurate on all he told us, all the validations were spot on,
we would highly recommend him to everyone,
My dad and i are looking forward to the 12th of Feb as we are coming to see you at pevensey bay hall also we are excited to be coming to see you on the 16th of June for a private reading,

I can not thank martin enough for giving me the reassurance of something that i have been wanting to know for years,

Thank you so much,

Emma and Karen x

28th feb 2016
Hi Martin. I would just like to say a huge thank you for your time and patience with me today at my reading.
I can not thank you enough for what all I can say was a life changing experience. I will be back in the year for another meeting with you.
You mentioned that there was a ring with an engravment on it which i consistantly denied ? Well, I found it in my mothers trinket box. I have no words!
Thank you Thank you Thank you. sue xx

I thought Martin was amazing and everything he said was accurate he could not of known the things he told us I cant wait for my next reading in Dec. Would recommend to all � x

Hi Martin,
Had a reading with you this morning. I was recommended to you by a work colleague, I’d previously had my first reading with Mike, 5 years ago.
I’ve just come across your website and found out why you had your eyes closed throughout! I like that, it does take that concept away of guessing from body language etc.
Anyway, I told my sis and mum about it….sat down tonight with my mum with the cd you gave me and she cried her eyes out, bless her.
There were parts that she knew, that I didn’t and other bits she still needs to have a think about. My first reading my dad and nan came through and this time with you my dad and fiancé came through, it’s been 6 years and my fiancé is surprisingly quiet considering how he felt about the afterlife! I hope to hear a lot more from him in the future. I’ve come away feeling reassured that I will one day have that baby girl I’m being sent and the all important ring that I won’t be allowed to forget about!! Thank you for all the validations, still shocked in a way you could tell me so much. Hope to see you around, take care…Jw xx

Fri, 10 Jun, 2016 at 10:39 am
Hi Martin,

You did an e reading for me last October and I just wanted to give you some feedback on it!

Please see below email of your reading to understand what I’m referring to.

I gave birth to a baby girl last month, she was overdue by 11 days but was happy and healthy! The baby boy you picked up on that was lost in carriage was my mothers baby and my fears of childbirth you touched upon from an early age were spot on!

We had a problem with our shower drainage in our ensuite and it got considerably worse a few days after I received your reading!

My brother in law has bought a new house and we were also bought another car by a family member so we can fit the baby in!

Thanks again for a great reading!


Offline Message left on 05 Jun 2016, 10:55 AM (GMT+0)

Thankyou Martin for this fantastic reading I had the other day. 100% accuracy. He is a world class medium. The most amazing survival evidence he gave is that he said my mother’s watch.. which I have had since she died 26 years ago would read as follows. One hand would be on 10 and one hand would be on 5 and to check this when I got home. He also told me where I kept it. I have not touched the mechanics of it ever and my mother havnt either for at least 30 years prior to that as she said it was broken. The time read… 10 minutes to 5. Also strangely enough it the hands have started to move now since I touched it. It has gained 1/4of an hour! Martin was so amazing. My husband us a die hard sceptic but after listening to the CD he is now a believer. Martin told me about circumstances surrounding his parents which were bang on accurate and really put my husbands mins at ease. Martin is certainly up there with the great mediums of yesteryear. He us so kind aswell. What a wonder ful experience it was. Thankyou millions Martin x

My husband and I went to see Martin following the tragic and untimely death of our daughter aged 34. The reading was wonderful, my parents helped my daughter establish contact with Martin and what a wonderful comforting experience it was. She came through very clearly with many validations so we knew it was her. He gave us some closure on certain matters and the strength to carry on fighting for justice for her. I would highly recommend him and cannot thank him enough. We shall certainly arrange to see him again. Bob and Barbara

Hi Martin.Had a reading with you this morning. I was recommended to you by a work colleague, I’d previously had my first reading with Mike, 5 years ago.
I’ve just come across your website and found out why you had your eyes closed throughout! I like that, it does take that concept away of guessing from body language etc.
Anyway, I told my sis and mum about it….sat down tonight with my mum with the cd you gave me and she cried her eyes out, bless her.
There were parts that she knew, that I didn’t and other bits she still needs to have a think about. My first reading my dad and nan came through and this time with you my dad and fiancé came through, it’s been 6 years and my fiancé is surprisingly quiet considering how he felt about the afterlife! I hope to hear a lot more from him in the future. I’ve come away feeling reassured that I will one day have that baby girl I’m being sent and the all important ring that I won’t be allowed to forget about!! Thank you for all the validations, still shocked in a way you could tell me so much. Hope to see you around, take care…Jw xx

I recently came for a reading with Martin – on 14th November and was astounded at the amount of detail he was able to bring to the reading, especially regarding my father who passed in 1988.

My parents divorced when I was nine but the separation was on good terms and they remained friends to support both my sister & I growing up. On the night prior to my coming over to see Martin my mother had dreamt about my father & she said it was like having a kindred spirt with her again. My mother lives in Canada, 8 hours behind us and the dream came just as Martin was telling me how close my parents had been even though they had both separated were not together at his passing.
Please pass on my thanks to Martin for the inspirational messages that he gave me on the 14th November, my husband – a quiet sceptic was most surprised at the amount of accuracy of the content of the CD that I brought home with me. There is hope yet!

Visited Martin today for a private reading. Lovely guy who puts you at ease straight away. My reading confirmed the presence of my late father, and Martin revealed information that he couldn’t possibly have known. Gave me goosebumps!! Very accurate, reassuring and compassionate. Thank you, Martin. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.
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Sent: Tuesday, October 13, 2015 1:46pm
To: support@martinhopgood.com
Subject: Re: This afternoons reading

Hi Martin,

Many thanks for taking the time to reply to me. That’s definitely reassured me so thank you.
Honestly the reading was awesome. I have been unable to stop thinking about it.
I called my mum today and asked her pretty much outright had she been leaving the door unlocked at night or had issues with locking the doors. In the reading you specifically said “issues with locking the doors or not locking the doors”.
I was taken back to hear from mum that she had been having issues with this recently. Sometimes bolting the conservatory door but then leaving her keys in the main door. Or vice versa.  It has been  happening a lot lately apparently. I told her about the reading. It gave her a lot of comfort actually.
In addition to this she has been suffering from IBS of late. And got some medication only on Saturday. Again you stated in the reading there was concern for mum over digestive issues.
Martin I am literally mind blown by this. Some of the detail you described was incredibly specific. I’m very much aware of our natural ability to latch onto things that fit with our current knowledge, experiences and expectations. I am also very aware of the reconstructive nature of memory and the fact that we can remember things differently after events – even adding details to ensure they fit what we want to believe or recall. I consider myself clued up on all of these things and even when I apply this logic I cannot explain it.
How? I just don’t get it. How can this be? You have rocked my whole belief system. In a good way of course. But now my curiosity has just deepened.
I feel I will need to come back in the future.
Many thanks once again.


Words are simply not enough as I struggle to find the appropriate superlative to fully do justice to Martin’s gift.  With NO prior knowledge of ANYTHING, his accuracy and detailed communication with Spirit leave one in no doubt that our soul survives and that we will, indeed, meet our loved ones again when our time on Earth is done.  Add to this that Martin is a gentleman whose sole motivation is to help others, there is no hidden agenda and any remuneration would seem to be only to enable him to continue with his wonderful, wonderful, selfless work.  He is a shining soul and I am a better person for having crossed his path.

Love, always love,

The Dawn Effect St Wilfrids


Hi Martin.
I would just like to thank you for the reading you done for me.It has opened my eyes to the work you do and would recommend it to anyone. It has helped me cope with my grief and now know without doubt that my loved ones are near me. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and my family. T.C


Hello all. We now have a final figure for The Dawn Effect – Cervical Cancer Prevention for 19-25 Year Oldsevening.
With all your help YOU have raised a whopping £786.00 for St Wilfrid’s Hospice so thank you all for your kindness for Dawns cause and the Hospice. smile emoticon I have also heard from many who attended that information in messages passed on have all now been validated. smile emoticon thanku again

I just wanted to say thank you for my reading on Monday, you were spot on with lots of things and it has certainly given me food for thought (even sausages came up in my reading, talking of which, when I spoke to my mum in the evening she told me that my dad insisted on not buying sausages from Tesco’s when they went shopping that day but going all the way to Sussex Bacon and buying 3 packets of his favourites)
 Thank you once again and I hope to meet you both again at one of your workshops
p.s.  My son was showing you blue flowers and then white flowers, after he was buried we planted lots of blue and white flowers on his grave (Tottenham colours)  

Dear Martin,

 I just wanted to say a big thank-you for seeing my Mum and I yesterday. It was such an interesting experience and has left me feeling very thoughtful. I have always wanted to believe that life continues when we pass and our reading yesterday left me with a feeling of hope and reassurance that this is indeed true. I felt comforted and like you say, quite peaceful too as I imagine my lovely grandparents at rest in a place of safety and happiness. Mediums and the work involved has always interested me and the ability they have to sense those that have passed. I just found it so interesting and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. It’s as though I’ve taken away with me this overwhelming sense of feeling as though they are with me, looking after me and my family. It was amazing when you said that they had visited me as I have had such vivid dreams lately, whereby I’ve woken up and genuinely felt as though I had been with them in real life. One morning I even woke and found myself talking, it was as though I was having a real life conversation. When you said that they had been to see me, that made complete sense and I can’t tell you how happy that made me. I miss them so very much and having them close by and feeling them near, remembering them and seeing them in my dreams brings me such comfort. I would love to come along to see you again in a few months time if that’s okay? I also wanted to ask if I could book a session with Jackie, my Mum and I would like to have a go at the Angel Board. I couldn’t find an e-mail address for her via your website?
Thank-you again Martin, you are a lovely man and my Mum and I found you very kind and welcoming. We will definitely be recommending you.

Take care and I hope to see you again soon

‘This is one truly brilliant medium’

Hi Martin, I would just like to thank you for my sitting with you.As a sceptic in all things spiritual! and as a believer of my faith, I certainly found this a very surreal experience. I cannot say it has completely changed my belief in my own faith but has presented me with many questions about it! With the information that you passed down to me from my people who now reside in ‘the other world’ as you called it! there cannot be any doubt in my mind that you were in contact with my loved ones,I just cant work out how! On that note, I would just like to say a huge thank you,this has given me much food for thought.There is no way you could have known I lost people in the 9/11 attacks, their messages gave me great comfort for which I am truly thankful. All the best in your work and ill look forward to our next meeting. Kind regards K.M

Hello martin.
Since coming away from our session in July. A lot has gone on.
A lot of the things that u said that I re listened to on the disc came to light recently. At first I thought it was all good but after a few things that’s was going on didn’t seem right. After re thinkin about things I realised it was a warning. It turned out a guy was trying to scam me. All his details matched the key words in my session
I couldn’t believe it. I believe I was being warned about this guy. Thank goodness I saw u when I did. Also some other key things that was said came to light too regarding a family member. I’ve had to step back before they dragged me dwn So..Thank you again. And I would like to book a session with yr assistant for an angel board reading. M.

Thank you Martin. I’m not one to gush but I would like to say how incredibly gifted I think you are. My reading was accurate, insightful and calming. Thank you again and I very much look forward to working with you in the future. Jo x

Thank you for an amazing reading today Martin. Blinkers are now off and ready for a bright future.
Feeling alot more positive now.
You truly have a wonderfl gift. Once again thank you!
Have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family. PJ

I just wanted to say my heartfelt thanks to you.

You gave me more than, i was going to say, “than you know”, but i guess you do know.

My world like a scattered pack of cards all over the floor tonight were collected up and shuffled and put back on the table.  I can see them stacked up again as if they are ready to play again.

You did an amazing thing for me tonight, i feel humbled and happy. Again my thanks, big thanks.

I hope I will see you again, sooner rather than later 🙂

Kindest regards    Ch. x

Hi Martin, this is k, I no I only saw u an hour or so ago, but I just wanted 2 say a big thank u!!! My sick knotty stomach feeling is now merely butterflies, it’s a weird but wonderful thing u do & u must genuinely help guide people in life. I no it’s them upstairs that tell u but without u as a channel, most of us can’t tune in & get a decent reception. So Thanks again 4 helping me get back on track. X

Hi Jackie.I would just like to say a very big thank you for your wonderful Angel board reading last week.I could not believe the information and validations the board gave me from my mum and dad.I will definitely recommend and be back for another session. Thank you so much. C.x

Hi Martin
Just had to let you know that your reading below has begun to unfold as you predicted it would. I have high lighted the most pertinent paragraph and just want to say that I met a man from the Netherlands on a dating website and we fell in love immediately,
Also I am due to have an operation in November.
Other things you say also resonate at this time, but most significant is meeting a man who I feel I have known for a long time
Once again thank you for your reading
With all good wishes
E. x

Yet again another brilliant reading with Martin x about 90% of the reading I had six months ago was spot on but that reading still has sometime to go so might be more! You’re a true gent Martin , making your clients feel really at ease. Many thanks Tricia

..Just a big thank you to Martin Hopgood & Jackie McCarthy
for yesterday’s event/seminar it was an experience, so emotional..
one i will never forget

[The Star Alfriston]

Martin Hopgood’s evening of Clairvoyance and Mediumship last night was phenomenal! Where you there? Let us know your thoughts.

Hello Martin,
Just want to thank you for the incredible experience I witnessed last night at the star in pub.

Hi Martin have been to you. Few times. Last time March 17th as always , bang on the button. Hope to see you soon xx

Me and Graeme Bernard had an amazing reading this morning with Martin Hopgood. Definitely recommend.

Went to see Martin yesterday Friday 13 , that date was not unlucky fo me , what a great reading , Martin was great made you feel comfortable and relaxed and he was spot on a good 99 per cent , sometimes it was emotional and some times funny , I will definitely be going back in the near future , it gave me so much pleasure to get messages from some of my loved ones , thank you Martin , your star , I would advise anyone that is having a reading done to get Martin to record it asit great to listen to again also there a lot to take in , my family exhausted Martin . Keep up the God work and thank you for the lovely reading once again , you won’t go wrong with this guy , if you want it as it is he’s the guy .

kat wrote a review of Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant Martin Hopgood:
Went to see Martin last year I thought he was amazing a gifted clairvoyant , things he said at the time of his time scale are all happening , I would advise anyone , who wants a genuine gifted clairvoyant , this is your man look no further , the spirits give messages to Martin that he gives to you exactly how they are , great guy lovely place he works from almost heavenly with a lovely feel to the décor , a definite improvement on how it was with a previous clairvoyant … see you next time im in the area … regards

Hi Martin,

Good to meet you properly today. Thank you so much for the very accurate reading you did for me today, I feel like I’ve been given permission to breathe again! S.

Hi Martin how’s you? I went to your event in October in Uckfield with 2 friends. My mum appeared and I not sure if you remember you said I would find my brother that she gave up for adoption this year.Well guess what! ! I’ve found him and I’m meeting him next Wednesday xx

Hello Martin, Just a quick thank you for my reading on Monday.
I remember you said that not all the information will sit into place just yet but i was completely overwhelmed that what you said will come soon,has already materialized,especially as i had no idea at the time.unbelievable..Thank you so much,I could have and would have dealt with that scenario a lot different if you hadnt given me the ‘heads up’ as you say.
I will keep you posted on the rest and be in touch again soon for another session with you. kind regards K.xx

What we want to hear and what we need to hear  are two different things 😉
Thank you just what I needed.

Will do 🙂 God Bless

thank you so much for my reading on Tuesday, I felt so much better knowing my Dad is with me.
Oh the the hospital appointment in May, came in the post the following day!! Xxx

Dear Martin,
Thank you so much for my reading. I wanted to write and give you some feedback. Your accuracy is incredible!
I have had tears pricking the back of my eyes most of the day, as I’ve been thinking, and ‘re reading what you said.
The lady you described to me with the child is my mom. It’s strange but this week I have had her and my brother pop into my mind on many occasions, I had been wondering (i thought quite randomly at the time) what it would have been like had he lived. I am glad that they are together and it gives me much comfort and joy having such a great message from my mom! Thank you!
You are so correct with everything, the  people in my life, the male who is hard work. The missed opportunities, and the London thing omg! I could not have got any more accuracy! I am currently, and have been for many years, been wanting to move to my own little home there, once my responsibilies allowed, as it is the only place I feel safe, balanced and truly content.
I am working with an Italian lady with two massive hounds who have befriended me on a home exchange to NW London with her wanting to move a bit further north to Hendon to start her future.She lives in a garden flat that It would be a dream come true for me to live in…funnily enough it has a giant bay window (the one feature I insist on for total happiness in order to have my window boxes!) Her home is indeed on a quiet street off a main road with a small front garden! We have agreed to work together on finding the last piece in the puzzle for our house swap to work as we need another person in central London to want my home for her to get her new home and me to have hers.This is proving to be impossible, try as hard as we may, atm but I feel such renewed optimism and relief about this tangible       possibility. Roll on September!!!
Right now I am stuck in a place I hate with a job that really is a misarable struggle every day,and not good in any way which has taken its toll on my wellbeing. I decided at Xmas, to give myself a deadline of July to quit my job and this town and somehow move to London and be happy doing whatever.
You are totally spot on with all you have told me that I feel is happening which gives me plenty to focus on with attitude , change and opportunities to pay heed to.
My friend and mentor Hayley is about to move back to Australia this week which is a blow, but I know we will meet up in the future.
As for loneliness I have always felt apart from others but I have already obtained a book to start my cosmic ordering in! I found the website tonight!
I cannot tell you how privileged and grateful I feel for all of your help and direction.
 You have such a unique and precious gift, I want to thank you for sharing it. I hope I shall soon be in a position to help enrich other people’s lives in some way. That would be the ultimate blessing for me.
I want to wish you well my friend. And bid you a safe and enjoyable trip to Canada.
 If ever there is anything in my power that I can do to help you out, I hope you’ll let me know.
With many thanks, and kind regards

B x


We came along to your event last night in Uckfield, in the Second half you gave my friend Michelle and I a message from our friend who had passed from suicide, we were so pleased to get a message from him, and we just wanted to thank you for this. We like the way you work it’s an amazing gift.

I will see you April 12th as I am coming to your day course in Eastbourne in the hope of developing more myself.

Best wishes

Great night at the Uckfield Civic Centre, thank u for my lovely message xx

very good night thank u x

Fantastic night Martin. Well done hun.Amanda xx

Dear Martin
Thank you so much for a very special workshop yesterday. I love your down
to earth approach and felt very comfortable with all you said which really
resonated with me. I have sat in several Circles over the years that folded
for various reasons (none bad) and each one was different in their approach
to connecting with Spirit.
You have renewed my enthusiasm and my intent to return to my special times
set aside for connecting and I really feel quite emotional about it – like
“returning home”. So a big thank you for that.
Your studio is such a lovely space and the energies were wonderful –
friendly and inviting.
Thank you to to Jacky it was a joy to meet her and to work with the Spirit
I cant wait till the next one!
With love, Light and every Blessing, J.B.

I agree,had such a fab day,everybody in the group were loverly and I have also sat in circles but have never felt as comfortable as Martin made us feel…no pressure.thanku to Martin and Jackie,great team work….so excited for next one P.E.xxxxxx

It was an awesome day, loved every minute xx

Hi Martin. Excellent accurate reading last week. Thank you so very much. Lovely chat afterwards about Sunday services etc. When you are so busy i know its impossible to recall much, if any, of what was said over a week ago but just so you know…twice in the reading Alaska, Canada came up which I couldnt place But… I have just spent 3 days at Hickstead training as a Well Being Coach and the lady sat next to me obviously came from there…no real surprise !! Have recommended you to several friends already, so brace yourself..Lovely to meet you, best of luck in all you do. Jackie x

Hi Martin, I thought I’d fill you in and let you know the reading you did for my mum has been spot on too! Literally can’t believe it my sister had her baby and then my brother has just announced that him and his wife are expecting their first baby in February!!! Brilliant news

Thankyou so much for recording the reading, was brilliant to listen when xxxx got home!
Well I must say ( not being rude to the other lady ) but you are so much more specific than that other lady I went to! You got so much information, fantastic!
Well I’ve had a listen and definately able to place the info about the lady in our house haha and a few other bits. We have given your cd to xxxx’s Mum as I think she may be able to place a few more things as she knows more about her parents and xxxx’s Dads parents etc.
I was very impressed and kicking myself I didn’t come along, I didn’t think I would be able to!
How quick before we could come again?
Best Wishes

Saw you again on 1-8-13. Absolutely brills as usual! You are a very kind, considerate man, and brilliant at what u do. Fingers x’d for predictions, but haven’t known you be wrong yet! Could validate all the names you gave me, incredible. Thank u Martin Tricia xx

I just wanted to give you a quick update. I got a flat and as you or my mom said it is
a green sunny place and not in the centre where I used to live but not far away.
You said August or September and I’m moving in August. I’m very happy and I can’t wait.

And you told me some names and I met the guy “John”. Actually that is seldom to meet
a German man with an english name. I met him regarding a flat. In the end I got another
flat but I met the John.

It is so amazing. You are so right with everything you said

Take care. All the best from Hamburg, Claudia xxxx

I had a private reading with martin yesterday evening, He is absolutely amazing, He gave me brilliant evidence about my mum who only passed away in march, things only I would know and also great guidance for my future. He is a lovely guy and an amazing medium who I would greatly recommend. I came away feeling a lot more settled, thank you. Jacqui duke

You have been able to confirm for me that I have indeed arrived at a good place regarding my brothers death. My dad was over the moon that his mum came with my brother. I think I saw some peace in his eyes for the first time since we lost my brother. I can never thank you enough for sharing your gift with others. You do provide reassurance and real comfort. I will be back, probably with my mum! Take care. Catherine

I have seen many psychics in the past and Martin was way up there with best I’ve seen, his reading was accurate and really informative. Having lost many loved ones his validation gave me strength and comfort. He’s a brilliant and very humble medium and I would not hesitate to recommend him. I left feeling on top of the world, thank you so much for your guidance and positivity x

Toni wrote a review of Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant Martin Hopgood: I had a private sitting with martin on monday at his studio in Eastbourne.I was amazed at the information passed onto me,unbelievable.i felt very relaxed and welcomed and will definatley book in again.looking forward to seeing him again soon.Thankyou Martin xx

Linda wrote a review of Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant Martin Hopgood:
I went to see Martin last month. He had never met me before, He llinked in straightaway with my parents and told me things only they could know.
There was lots more, but it\’s private.
He is a fantastic medium, who takes a lot of care in his work.

Hi, Martin just wanted to say thank you for the reading on Friday, it was fab & all the little things like the tattoo, your ear being played with, the Daffodils and football badges were proof I needed that your are a genuine guy! Need to tell you this too… You said the no. 22 was relevant to me but I forgot to write it down but is stayed in my head & I had never been to croxten way before but for some reason I felt like I knew the place… Next day one of my clients/very good friend sue came to see me for an appointment… Need I say more? Absolutely brilliant at what you do & will certainly see you again & left your house feeling very chilled out and reassured about everything. Many many thanks xx. C.

Hello Martin.i was at your meeting last night and have been kicking myself ever since. You mentioned the name – Pat Evins – and a little boy. I had an aunt by this name and you described her perfectly. I was just too shy to speak up. I will be at another meeting and will ask to see you alone sometime.Thank you for last night.Take care,S.