Good day everyone.
I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has visited me over this last year and who is yet to come. I have been overwhelmed with the support you have given me and my work and am truly humbled.As most of you know this year has been manic.Full of ups and downs for all of us, that’s life I guess. This coming year will also be a busy one as we have so many venues booked in already and a very full calendar.I do apologise for the long wait in getting to see me for your sittings and will try my hardest to get to see you as soon as possible.
On a completely different note, I have been in discussion with a client of mine who has kindly offered to start work on my book(fool😁) which hopefully will be completed in a few months.
I am asking any of my clients who have had their sittings with me to email me their experience, from why they wanted to have such an appointment to their honest review of it and how it helped them(if at all). (Including demonstrations)
Or whether it didn’t at all.
I am seeking around 20 case studies to enter into this book so others can make their own minds up regarding mediumship and their readings so an honest review would be very much appreciated..good bad or ugly😁 A detailed review and personal opinion would be great so no matter how long the detail.
All names will be changed for your privacy.
If this would be something you could help me with and wouldn’t mind having your review as part of my book please send to and a confirmation email will be sent back to you personally thanking you.
We are looking to get as many of these reviews together over the Christmas Holidays so we can get started toward the end of January.
The exercise of having this book published is not to blow smoke up my own rear end or ego! but as a legacy for my children when I leave this mortal coil! (Not yet I hope) so a truthful account is imperative.
Thank you again for your continuing support and I’ll wish you all a safe and Happy Christmas.
Martin xx

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