Good morning everyone.
Thank you for checking in. Im sorry i havnt updated the page in a while. Work is crazy busy andd just havnt had time so i thought i would add a bit now.
Well, we are half way through the year already, where that time goes i dont know!
We have now confirmed our date at the Royal Hippodrome Theatre this year for Wed 14th November so i hope you come along for the evening and enjoy a good night out.
For me its really scary as you dont ever know whats going to happen and who is coming through to give their messages. The other night when doing a private demonstration for some lovely people but a father that came through who wanted to apologise to his daughter for the way he behaved when he was here in this world. He came across guided by two rather large people who looked like bouncers! i soon discovered that these people were very high guides who had brought him forward to make his apologies. The gentleman in question had put his daughter through some horrible things physically and emotionally and had to do this for his progression in Spirit. Although the apology fell on deaf ears it was something that meant so much to the receiver and helped her in her own way.
I jst know that what you are in this life will determine where you go in the next so if there are things you need to correct whilst your still here then please do as the other world has a place for you there which sometimes is not what you expect!
Just thought i would share that with you.
I hope you all have a great week and ill hopefully catch up with you at some of the demonstrations we have planned.
Bye for now x

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