For many years now I have had the honour and privilege to work with the spirit world helping many people who have needed healing from bereavement or looking for guidance in one way or another, thankfully with exceptional accuracy and evidential proof that our spirit is eternal.

Allow me to explain; There are many individuals out there who profess they are in touch with loved ones in spirit but deliver no credible evidence and give you generalised information that could and would fit into most individuals lives.

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I personally have seen many so called ‘mediums’ and ‘clairvoyants’ in spiritualist churches, community halls and private homes, many of which profess they come from a ‘very long line of Romany gypsies’ or that they’ve had this special gift from birth or are one amongst a very select few or real scryers!

I also believe we all have the ability to sense, see and feel spirit around us.

I believe everybody, without exception, has this wonderful gift, it’s just that some can tune in a little stronger and clearer than some others. We were all born with the gift of insight and intuition, it’s how much trust you put in those feelings is the key!

It would probably not come as a shock that many people who work with the Spirit world have been through some very tough times in their own lives and most feel that in their later years become more sensitive to the energy that surrounds them, this was certainly my experience. Coming from a background of 25yrs in construction to working with Spirit was a massive transition to me! But something that chose me and me not choosing it! I am thankful every day for being allowed to help not only the people who come to see me for validations of their loved ones in spirit but for the synchronicities the Spirit world bring me to help in my own life..

Now after many years of working with the spirit world, I have become to trust them more than anyone. They deliver their messages time and time again with outstanding accuracy, for this i am truly blessed and thankful.