Good evening everyone.
A rare evening off so i thought i’d catch up a bit.
Well the next demonstration is well underway and tickets for the Hippodrome event are selling fast.
Another 2 weeks before the event where ive got to suffer the anxiety! As most f you know that has been a problem in the past with me but i will not let it beat me. Face your fear and do it anyway is my motto(thats very difficult sometimes but you have to do it)
Anyone who has suffered or is still suffering with panic and anxiety, remember.. know one has ever died from it, You may fall over or even pass out but you wont die! someone will pick you up so dont worry about it:-) My old friend told me that who has now sadly passed over to spirit ive just found out which is very sad for me, she was one of the people that encouraged me to follow this path and she will always be remembered. All my love Mo:-(
Our lives are so short here, So make the most of what you have and do exactly what you want whenever you want because tomorrow isnt garenteed.
All my love and ill see you all again soon. m x

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