Hi all. Im sorry for not getting this page updated as often as i should.
Work is crazy busy.
Just a quicky to thank everyone for the continued support and im looking forward to seeing you all at the demonstrations thats ahead.
Another eve at crockstead in a weeks time then the big one again at The Royal Hippodrome in Eastbourne on the 28th November.
This event is very daunting for me :-/ so nervous but hopefully will be ok.
The last time we were at this venue there was a little bit of noise created by people getting up through the middle of the demonstration and popping off to the bathroom so please may i ask this time to be mindful of the people around you and to keep noise to an absolute minimum whilst i work as this does make a real difference to messages that come through for people who may be desperate to hear from their loved ones.
Ill look forward to seeing you there if you decide to come along for an evening out 🙂
Back to work now so ill post again soon. martin x

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