Good morning everyone.
Just a quicky to say thank you to Sarah Appleby for having me on her radio station last friday. That was eventful 🙂
Just wanted to let people know that the email readings are now caught up with and the server i had problems with are all corrected so email readings will be a lot quicker now.
I have been asked recently to make a meditation type cd for people to listen to! God knows why they would want to listen to my droning voice:-) but ive agreed to do it and should be available to listen to in the next few weeks.
I would like to know what people would like from a cd of this type as you all know, im not very pink and fluffy so it will be like no other once i get started lol.
Let me know your thoughts and some ideas for input.
Anyway, im just getting ready again for the Hippodrome event in November which i really do need to start advertising!
Hopefully ill see some of you there.
Have a great week and please forward any suggestions that you may have to better the way i work or content for the new cd.
Bye for now
martin x

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