Hi everyone. Just a quick catch up. As most know i have managed to make a start on writing my new book. Not getting very far to be honest as there are so many books out there describing what this work is all about and i didnt want the contents of the book to be the same as every others so once its done which could be a while! you will see i myself am not the normal type of person to be doing this work.
I have tried to outline where ive come from and been as honest as i could be without offending others in their own work for spirit.
As soon as its done ill let you all know.
If there are any of you that would like to have some input or give me a direction to go in which you would like to be mentioned or covered! drop me an email and let me know. Good do with some help 🙂
I think it would be an interesting read without the pink and fluffy bits most add to their definitions.
Anyway.. A really big thank you to everyone who came to the Royal Hippodrome just before Christmas, They have asked for me to go back this year but no decision has been made yet.
The Crockstead farm event went extremely well again as it always does when we visit there. Such a great atmosphere and lovely service.
We will also be going back there this year(dates to be arranged)
As you are probably aware there is a bit of a waiting time to get in on private sittings. I am working day and night to get to see everyone so please continue to make your bookings and we will try to get to see you as soon as possible. We do have a cancellation list so if you mention this on booking, Jackie will try her best to get you in earlier.
Ok.. I hope you have a great week and take good care.. Nearly summer 🙂
See you all again soon
martin x

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