Good morning everyone.
I thought its about time i updated everyone on how things are going. My sincere apologies about not getting this done earlier, work has been so busy through the summer months.
I hope you all have had a great summer with this fantastic weather we have been having. I thought as its raining and i’ve found a bit of time i would update on all thats been going on.
Well the work schedule has been crazy with you lovely lot booking in for your readings.. we are now taking bookings for March 2019. I am working day and night to get to see everyone but as you can appreciate there’s only so many hours in a day so my apologies for not getting to you all earlier.We have been doing a few local demonstrations which have gone well i think.
We have many requests from clients who wish to book me for their own evening of Mediumship which i have one many in the past as you all know.
Unfortunately it has come to our attention that some have organised these events and have promoted charities they are donating to and never passed on the takings from the evening! This is unfair and certainly unacceptable in my book so from now on we have made the decision that from the this date we will be organising every event to eliminate this type of behaviour.
I personally decide ticket prices for our evenings with the help of Jackie so it is affordable for all and that we cover the cost of the venues we hire.
All venues that have been booked already will remain the same. Any bookings taken for venue appearances will change from this date.
This is not something i wanted to do but feel that if we organise them then you will know where your money is spent.
Anyway that’s my moan for the day 🙂
As you know the event at The Royal Hippodrome is coming up fast(Nov 14th 2018) so i hope to see you all there for an evening of laughs and maybe some tears(happy ones i hope)
Please also be aware that any evening i do, I prepare long and hard t make it the best that i can for you so please respect others around you and keep noise to a minimum whilst i’m working. I know we all like a night out but this work takes a lot of hard concentration so please be kind and respect all the other people who have come along to hear from their loved ones and not you! lol 🙂
Thank you most kindly for your patience and support.
All my love
Martin x
(Dont forget! we don’t do pink and fluffy:-)

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