Good morning everyone. Just a little updat on whats been going on. Two day ago i had to officiate a funeral service for a very close neighbours son. He struggled through the last few years with depression brought on by other peoples pressure on him which is beyond sad. It was the first service ive ever done and tried to make his day as special as i could for him and his family(not sure how the humour went down) 🙂 but mum and dad thought it was funny 🙂 so thats all that counts.
As many of us who follow the same beliefs as i have, we see things very differently than the other and see death as the release of old outworn ways and a freedom to move to a much higher existance.
It must be the worse feeling in the world to loose someone so close and under those type of circumstances and nothing could ever feel so painful for any parent. I hope my friend will rest now and recoop ready for his next journey which im sure he will.
I guess the message today is, is that our mind is so vunerable and that these feelings have probably crossed many of our minds from time to time. Remember, there is always someone who will listen and try to help if they can so if at any point you feel this way, take a step back and ask for as much help as you can from whatever sources.
Life is so delicate and can understand that lifes pressures get to all of us,including me. So please keep an eye out for people who you feel are vunerable and try to help if you can. Life is short enough. x

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