Good day everyone.
Im so sorry i havnt been able to update the blog recently.Work has been crazy busy.
Just to let you know and to thank everyone who attended the Royal Hippodrome event. It was a good evening i think.
I understand there were just over 300 attended which is very humbling so thank you so much for your support.
I have now been invited back next year so as soon as we have some dates confirmed ill post them on the events page.
We are also going back to The Crockstead Farm venue in or around February(date to be confirmed) so it would be lovely to see you there again(beautiful venue)
Well Christmas is apon us again :-/ Comes around so quick.
I would just like to wish everyone who has seen me or is yet to see me and those who have supported me in my work over the years, A happy christmas and a bright new year.
Also to our friends relations and loved ones in spirit who have passed over this year and to the people who have lost their loved ones. Life holds many suprises, some not so good but please remember, the spirit world is only next door and they will be with you wherever you are and will be celebrating alongside you in their own way.
Never feel they have gone forever as death is a lie.They will be waiting for us when we leave this earth and return home so raise a glass for your loved ones and know they will be doing the same for you.
All my love. Martin x

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