Good morning everyone.
Just a quick message to update all. As most of you know now the event at The Royal Hippodrome is the next big event for me. The nerves dont seem to get any easier to deal with so it looks like ive got a month of anxiety to look forward to:-) I spoke to them the other day and have been told there only a few seats left so if you were to plan on coming along it may be good to get them booked up as soon as you can.
I have also made enquiries about placing an evening at the Uckfield Civic Centre in or around Feb/March time so will look forward to that email.
I just wanted you to know also that I done a radio show on Hailsham FM a few weeks ago and should have that up on site soon for you all to have a laugh at! 🙂
Its a bit brutal and honest but you cant take the builder out of a man lol.
I hope it doesnt upset anyone or change the view of how i am as most of you know im just a bloke with down to earth values. I try not to upset anyone but have to be honest about who i am and my own beliefs. Have a listen and make your own minds up 🙂
Anyway, I just want to thank everyone for their continued support and ill hopefully see you at the Hippodrome in November.:-)
Have a great week and ill catch up again soon. x

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