Martin brings a new exciting and refreshing change to Mediumship, with a no-nonsense but compassionate approach to his work which has earned him a huge following wherever he demonstrates his work, forever striving to prove our spirit is eternal.

Born in the south east of England, Martins early childhood was much the same as any other. Over the years that followed Martin pursued a normal career as a carpenter and raised a family of five children, always sensing he was here for much more than the norm.Martin was invited by a friend to attend an evening of mediumship at a local spiritualist church and the rest, as they say; is history!

He attends the Arthur Findlay College of psychic science on a regular basis and demonstrates his mediumship at every opportunity to prove beyond doubt that your spirit lives on.Martin also holds tutorial seminars as well as private tuition for those who wish to take there first steps in working with spirit, or help individuals who are more advanced in there work,make there link stronger. Martins tutorial seminar days,offers a chance to witness, and make your own connection with your loved ones through an Angel board,This is a very effective way of seeking evidence of your loved ones and to receive answers to questions asked of them. You will find more details of how to book private sittings in regard to Angel board readings under the ‘private sittings’ tab at the top of the page.

He is also available for group sittings and public demonstrations home and abroad.


When attending a session with Martin, it is important to keep a few things in mind.

”It is important to go to a medium with an open mind. You are bound to have certain questions that you would like answering or people you would like to hear from, especially if a loved one has recently passed. It is important to remember that a medium does not choose who they speak to, and cannot ‘dial in’ to a specific person on command; they communicate with those spirits who come forward and are available when they link to the spirit world.

Spirits communicate with Martin in different ways and sometimes it may take a while for him to gain clarity from a message. Be patient and give him time to understand what he is being told. Be honest with Martin and tell them if something doesn’t relate to you, so he can adjust and make more sense from the message, but also remember not to feed him; you can ask as many questions as you wish after the sitting but do not feed him anything during your reading.

You also need to understand that a good reading includes both the good and the bad and you may not always like what you hear. Most of all though, despite the possibility of hearing something you may not have wanted or expected to hear, a session with Martin should be a positive experience and hopefully an opportunity for you to come away with closure and peace of mind”.

Martin has a very unique way of working with you and Spirit,He does not ask questions of you,probing or otherwise,he asks you to tell him nothing about your enquiry or why you have come to a sitting with him.He also works with his eyes closed whilst having a sitting with you to eliminate any chance or accusation of reading body language or facial expressions.He is very aware that many work differently in regard to this and accepts there are people who work by reading the person and not the energy,and works hard to eliminate any possibility of this in his sittings.

He also works in the same way on demonstrations and asks anyone who attends his evening demonstrations to refrain from talking about who they are hoping to make contact with.This dispels any issues of people thinking their information is being sourced before the evening and used to make a connection.

Martin also offers rescue work,This is where sometimes spirit energy gets a little lost after passing and needs a helping hand to find their way home back to the spirit world.

As part of his service,Martin can also offer professional bereavement counselling from a highly experienced and fully qualified counsellor if clients so wish.Contact for details.All enquiries will be treated in full confidentiality.

Martin places all testimonial comments up on his testimonials page, So if you would like to leave him your comments about your experience, this would be greatly appreciated. Please send your comments to